Who we are

‘’Elzan Properties Sets the Standard for Exceptional Property Development.’’

Our Story;

Elzan Properties was founded in 2015, as a real estate development company. Behind the name is a team of professionals who take great pride in delivering reliable, high-quality, and valuable properties.

With a commitment to provide competitive prices, our team works tirelessly to create excellent properties ready to be finished and turned into a beautiful home.

The Vision That Drives Us Forward

Our vision is to develop properties that return greater value for their investors while improving the quality of life for residents. As a locally owned and operated company, we believe in bettering our community, neighborhoods, and country through real estate that truly adds value.

Our Mission

While our company grows further we instilled in our constantly growing team to deliver unique projects and investment opportunities that also enhance the quality of living of homeowners.

Our Brand Promise & Fundamental Values

We promise the clients that we will provide expert service and quality builds while meeting deadlines. To execute this promise, we use our fundamental values to guide us. Explore our values below.

  • Provide Significant Returns

The quality of our builds matters. We take care to provide property development that represents the highest quality available.

  • Experience Makes a Difference

Our team has years of experience in construction, and we deliver that experience on behalf of our investors and partners. With Elzan Properties, clients receive experienced-based property development they can trust.

  • Precision Customer Service

Serving as a real estate development firm, we are dedicated to offering an enjoyable experience from initial contact through to finalising the sale. Our sales team has years of experience in real estate and creates a transparent process for our clients.

Work With Our Team

For property investors, Elzan Properties offers various apartment layouts and prime locations throughout Gozo, Malta. We back up our superiorly built properties with competitive prices, professional service, and on-time deliverables. As a small business, we are dedicated to creating a personal experience with our clients. Whether our clients are seeking apartments, terraced houses, or villas, we are the right choice. Property investors can confidently turn to us for competitive prices, a variety of apartment layouts, and a team of experts ready to turn their investment goals into a reality.